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3.5T or 7.5T Recovery Car

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3.5T or 7.5T Recovery Car

When searching at vehicle transporters and restoration autos, 3.5 ton vehicles can deliver a charge successful choice to 7.5 ton vehicles, specifically with gas prices rising.

Running expenses and versatility are the keys to purchasing decisions. There is no need to get a greater truck than essential. The choice is dependent on hundreds, but for restoration operators with far more than a person car or truck it would make sense to have at least one 3.5t truck in the blend.

Gasoline Expenses Illustration

If the price tag of gas is £6 per gallon then this would be somewhere around £40,000 for 100,000 miles for a 7.5t truck. As a 3.5t truck employs close to 50 percent this sum (managing at roughly 30 mpg as opposed to 15 to 17 mpg for a heavier truck).

After 100,000 miles you will have saved most of the expense of changing the light-weight restoration motor vehicle.

3.5 Ton Truck

  • Money charge: Circa £20,000
  • Gasoline at £6 for every gallon for 100,000 miles: £20,000 (primarily based on 30 mpg)
  • Complete Charge: £40,000
  • excluding other functioning costs this kind of as tax, insurance plan and servicing.

7.5 Ton Truck

  • Funds charge: Circa £48,000
  • Gasoline at £6 for each gallon for 100,000 miles: £40,000 (centered on 15 mpg)
  • Complete Value: £88,000
  • excluding other jogging costs these kinds of as tax, insurance coverage and servicing.

Paying out for the Tonnage

Heavier 7.5t trucks are far more costly to run, and in most automobile transportation circumstances a 3.5t truck will give ample payload to do the task just as well.

The ultra car transporter designed and crafted by KFS especially for the car or truck transport market features a significant 1,780kg payload on a very low line chassis structure. This payload addresses all over 80% of cars on the current market, which means that a lighter, extra successful vehicle can be used on lots of runs, specifically for for a longer period journeys, supplying instantaneous gas financial savings.


The flexibility of the 3.5 ton truck helps make it an suitable automobile for the restoration business. 3.5t cars can be driven on a typical United kingdom licence, and as opposed to 7.5t vehicles do not have to have an further licence, tachograph or tachograph teaching.

They also tend to be capable of better speeds, even at entire load, giving shorter journey times and lowering extra time. As a more compact car or truck, they are less complicated to manoeuvre on scaled-down masses, and as they are centered on a regular chassis, routine maintenance and testing charges are also incredibly competitive.


The most up-to-date generation of 3.5t vans are not of an inferior good quality. They are robust and designed to last even if covering 2,500 miles for each week, and really should give comparable trustworthiness to heavier vehicles. All aluminium deck design combines integral toughness and corrosion resistance though maximising car transport capability.

There are many causes, specially economical, why it tends to make sense to go to a 3.5 ton truck, specifically with those people with a fleet of automobiles. A 3.5 ton truck helps make cost-effective sense to include in an operator’s fleet.

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