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Cowl Trim Tag – What Is It and How Do I Use It?

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Cowl Trim Tag – What Is It and How Do I Use It?

The cowl trim tag was employed on chevrolet autos in the course of the traditional automobile period to report descriptions and mounted solutions. The cowl trim tag is a slim aluminum plate that was riveted to the firewall or “cowl” of GM traditional automobiles.

The cowl trim tag is usually mistaken to be the holy grail of traditional automobile identification. Sorry to say, it will never expose each and every element about your vintage motor vehicle.

Alright. So who wants to know these items? Anybody who is aware of which collection of classic vehicles were a scorching product, like an SS, would want to verify an SS series common vehicle if they were restoring or getting a person. If a traditional motor vehicle ended up significantly modified around the several years, you would will need this information and facts. Taking into consideration the inquiring prices for some incredibly hot common muscle automobiles are now bigger than new autos, you want to be certain you get what you pay for.

Consider this…You have a short while ago bought a 1964 Impala that appears to be like like it’s observed better times. Somebody in the car’s earlier considered it would search superior in white paint with a pink crushed velvet inside… with dingle balls. It just has to go again to original, you wouldn’t be witnessed dead in that inside.

So let’s glance at the cowl trim tag on this 64 Impala and see what it states. Maintain in intellect the format for the cowl trim tag is distinct for other ranges of a long time. This format only applies to a long time 1964 by 1967.

  3. Design 64-1847 AT013173 Body
  4. TRIM 874 975 PAINT
  5. ACC E 2KS
  6. THIS Car or truck Concluded WITH
  8. System BY FISHER

Line 2 in this cowl trim tag has the generation day code. This is significant when Frequent Creation Selection codes (RPO’s) could have improved at some point all through the model yr and you want to be confident which selection belongs on your automobile.

Line 3 is the design calendar year-overall body type, assembly plant and chassis variety. The physique style amount claims it was a v8 product 2 door sport coupe. AT indicates the automobile was assembled in Atlanta. The chassis number would only indicate a little something if it were being a little something distinctive like the 1st 64 Impala manufactured. The chassis range is also in the VIN.

Line 4 is for the trim code which tells us about the interior, and then the paint code. In this case we want to know that the inside was finished in purple fabric with a break up front bench seat. The paint was 2 tone, Desert Fawn on top rated and Sunfire Red on the reduce 50 percent. Hmm, that appears like a pleasant color mix!

Line 5 is the accessory code. This line is designed up of 1-5 teams of codes. This cowl trim tag only has the initial 2 groups. If the cowl trim tag has no codes in the other groups, you must think all those choices ended up by no means installed. The E in group a single tells us it has factory tinted glass all close to. The number 2 delineates team 2, K is air conditioning, and S is manual rear antenna.

How would we use this cowl trim tag details? If we required to swap some glass, we would glimpse for tinted windows, or if the rear antenna was lacking we might know we experienced to exchange it.

This would not expose anything at all excellent about the vehicle apart from that it would be helpful details if the vehicle was missing indicated pieces. The choice codes would be in team 4 of line 5 if the auto have been an SS. Considering the fact that there are none, we know we have a 2 tone pink and beige 2 door v8 sport coupe with manufacturing facility air. In this situation, this data can help a great deal!

You would use the information and facts observed on the cowl trim tag in addition to Suffix Code Guides, and alongside with Factory Part and Casting Selection Guides in get to get the total photograph. Jointly with the Manufacturing facility Shop Manual and Assembly Handbook, tearing down your basic automobile and re-assembling it is nearly like paint by selection.

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